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Lady and the Scamp by Kaboozle by UnskilledNinja
Lady and the Scamp by Kaboozle
It was a rather hot summer day and as such Serenity thought it'd be best to get some ice cream. It had been a while since she had an ice cream though so decided today was the day to have another. Opening the wrapper, she starts to nibble on one end but wasn't aware of watching eyes. In a flash her ears perked up as she heard a meow and a mass moving towards her. Barely having time to move, she closed her eyes as she worried about the impact which never came. Opening her eyes, her cheeks turn red as she blushes open seeing eyes looking back at hers. Tail swaying happily, a rather large catgirl giggled as she held the other end of the ice cream sandwich in her mouth, both their ears twitching lightly as Serenity couldn't determine what to do about the situation, all the while the Tabby cat merely enjoyed the tasty ice cream sandwich.

Art by :iconkaboozle:
Tabby belongs to :iconeikasianspire:
Serenity belongs to me

PS: Tabby loves Ice Cream sandwiches. Also yes I know Serenity's tail is missing. Haha.
Val Tarra By Nosmirmcawesome by UnskilledNinja
Val Tarra By Nosmirmcawesome
Seeker, hired to locate Bria. Stealthy and Precise. Very direct and shows little emotion to things or statements. Extremely effective at martial arts, but only uses it when absolutely needed and is her own form of combat.

Seekers do as their title states, seek things. If you want someone or something found you hire them. A secretive order not much of anything is known about them and its near impossible to identify someone as a seeker, the only knowledge of such being shared among only themselves. While capable of being extremely efficient bounty Hunters they choose to remain passive observers and rarely make direct contact with their target. In the off chance a seeker is identified its advised to leave them be, those who have attempted to confront them tend to vanish as if they never existed.

Val is a part of the Uzarra race, a species of bipedial humaniods recognized by their gray skin and blue eyes. Due to the high temperature of their home planet, many of them have modified suits to better handle the cold they feel on most other planets. A unique trait of their race, some individuals are born with the ability of telepathy and to communicate with their ancestors. Due to their ties with the past, these individuals are looked upon with high regard and are often tasked with leading their people and preserving their culture. Because of this the Uzarran race holds their culture and traditions in extremely high regards, making them rather stubborn to change, for better or worse.

Art and design by my friend :iconnosmirmcawesome:
Character and story (as limited as it is) by me
In space no one can hear you expand By Agawar
This absolutely amazing piece of art was done by the masterful :iconagawar: and is truly wonderful. I can say no more than that.
Sweat N Rayne By A E L Y X
Here's a Kiriban prize I got from :icona-e-l-y-x: of my oc Rayne hugging their oc Sweat to their mighty bust.
Catgirl Rayne by Bewbchan
Here's Rayne dressing up as a catgirl nya! Some would say its... purrfect

This was done by Bewbchan on tumblr (I can't really link it due to it's NSFW nature) but yeah, just type in that name and you'll find them haha.


UnskilledNinja's Profile Picture
United States
I'm a very, very lazy writer and to prove that, that's all I'll say.

Current Residence: San Jose
Favourite genre of music: Soundtracks
Favourite style of art: I just like art
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: Iphone
Wallpaper of choice: Stylish
Favourite cartoon character: Ed from Ed, Edd, and Eddy
I'm bored, so here are songs I feel fit my ocs. You can consider them theme songs if you'd like.

Dani: Dani By AgawaR by UnskilledNinja [link] (One she has a great voice and I picture Dani singing like her, two a similar name and ethnicity, and three when she puts her glasses on she looks just like Dani haha. My example: [link] )

Nikki: Chibi Nikki By Terrainakka by UnskilledNinja [link] (More of a in character thing. Few people in the house like wrestling, and Nikki liked AJ before she quit. That and AJ was a nerd like Nikki's mom. And here's an inside joke: [link] )

Selina: Selina Taylor By Anubis by UnskilledNinja  [link]

Sherry: Sherry and Nina by Anubis by UnskilledNinja [link] (I'm dumb... sorry, but have another! [link] )


Mature Content

Wanna Play? By Bakudemon by UnskilledNinja
  [link] (couldn't think of anything honestly)

Hitomi: Hitomi Colored by UnskilledNinja [link] (Get the joke? I'm so silly. No I'm not...)

Serenity: Reading at the park By L3moon Studios by UnskilledNinja [link]

Eris: Eris by NikoH by UnskilledNinja [link]

Suzie: Photo shoot! By Agawar by UnskilledNinja [link]


Mature Content

Tsukiko by AgawaR by UnskilledNinja
 [link] (Yes this is a joke though it does fit her well)

Bria: Bria, The Bounty Hunter by UnskilledNinja [link] (Courtesy of :iconnosmirmcawesome: her character designer haha, he also suggested this one [link] )

If any of you have some suggestions I guess let me know and I might go check them out cause even though I've grown up with a musician (a couple actually) doesn't mean I've heard every song in the world haha.

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