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The sounds of bubbling and sloshing liquids flowed throughout the lab as an extremely busty doctor and her equally endowed colleague stood by to view the results. As the dark liquid poured into a mold the dark haired colleague finally spoke up. “So if this proves to be successful then they promise to provide some funding to the clinic?” The pink haired doctor gave a nod, “Yes, well that’s the agreement either way. There’s nothing to worry about Blair, they’re a legitimate company so we will be compensated for this.”

“It’s not that Rayne, I’m just a little concerned about having corporate funding. Wouldn’t that mean they can interfere with how we run the clinic? Since it would be their money that’s keeping us afloat?” Blair added, voicing her concern which made Rayne giggle lightly as she looked back at the other doctor. “Don’t worry; I’m being hired as an outside consultant and as part of their research department. So think of it as they’re paying me, and I’m choosing to spend that money to fund the clinic; therefore they aren’t directly funding the clinic so all control remains with us.”

Blair nodded her head at this, her concerns seeming to be slated for the moment as the machine next to them let out a ding to show it was ready. “Looks like it’s done. Crystal, Casey, can you two come in here please?” She called out, the door to the lab opening soon enough as one long haired blonde doctor and a short haired blonde data management worker walked in. “Yes Rayne?” Crystal asked as she adjusted her new lab coat, a little present from Rayne after proving herself to be quite the adaptive apprentice.

“I need you dears to try out our new product, if we can get it working then the clinic can see a nice boost in funding that way we can finally build a lab for both you and Blair.” This made the long hair blonde smile as she nodded her head, “Sure! What is it though?” Casey wasn’t convinced though as she asked a separate question, “Wait, why do I need to test this out?” This made Rayne giggle as she walked over and pet the short blonde’s hair, “Because you’re absolutely adorable. As for what the new product is, it is this.”

She reached into the machine and pulled out what appeared to be a rather large sized chocolate bar with grooves running along its length so once could easily break off pieces. “This chocolate bar, which we yet to have a name for, is made of a mixture of serums along with my milk. My milk, which you might remember, has some rather lovely effects on the body. In theory this bar should make it so that when you eat a piece of it your body will change in the way you wish most, much like my milk. Unlike my milk though, this will require you to eat the whole bar in order to get the full experience but like my milk it will only be temporary.”

She handed the bar to Crystal who smiled and broke it in half, giving one to Casey as the apprentice was quick to take a bite, though Casey was more hesitant herself. “Mmmm, it’s really tasty.” Crystal said as she savored the flavor of the piece in her mouth before swallowing it. The other three girls looked at her in suspense of the results, Crystal herself looking over her body to see any changes. After a minute though nothing seemed to occur to the girl. Shrugging as nothing seemed to happen, Casey then ate her piece as well which also resulted in nothing occurring.

“That’s strange. I was certain we had gotten the measurements right. You see we had to weaken the serum in my milk to ensure that eating the whole bar wouldn’t leave you with a massively changed body.” Rayne stated as she looked over the girls for a second before walking over to her papers to see what the mistake might have been, not reading for long before she heard Blair, “Uh Rayne… something is happening.”

Looking over quickly she let out a cheer of delight as Crystal began looking at her body again, her skin starting to turn a shade of baby blue while her hair turned a silverish white. Meanwhile Casey gasped as her breasts doubled in size, her small vest and button shirt beginning to strain as the short hair blonde cupped her bottom, feeling her shorts start to fill with more flesh.  “Yay! It worked!” Rayne cheered once more, hugging Blair which resulted in a massive amount of breast flesh to squish together.

“I think… a little too well…” Blair muttered out as Crystal removed her lab coat as demonic wings burst through her shirt and a cute black tail escaped the top of her pants, a cute heart shaped at the tip of it. Meanwhile Casey’s breathing had picked up as a blush crossed her face. Her top was beginning to creak as her bust would not stop swelling. Tears started to form on the side of her vest as buttons began to shoot off while her shorts were also beginning to tear as her ass and hips swelled out.

A little envious, Crystal was about to take another bite of the chocolate bar but Blair quickly stopped her, “Uh, let’s see what happens first dear ok?” Pouting, the blue demoness nodded her head as they continued watching Casey’s change unfold. Casey’s knees begin to shake as her body becomes much more sensitive and with more flesh being added, the rubbing and stretching of her clothes along with the air itself made her shiver.

A loud gasp escapes her as her garments fall apart finally and she falls to her knees, her beach ball sized breasts stopping her fall as she panted heavily before it seemed the changes were over. Looking her over, Rayne examined all the changes and also looked over Crystal, noting that her skin had a slight rubbery look and feel to it. “Hmm, interesting. It looks like for you Crystal that piece was enough to fully transform you. For you though Casey, it looks like the piece overdid it.”

“Maybe it’s different for everyone who tries it?” Blair interjected as she wrote down notes, also checking on the girls to make sure they were alright. “That could be true. Well I’ll look into it and make more adjustments. Well I hope you girls are comfy because we’re in for a long night heehee.” Rayne said as Casey sighed, Crystal giggled, and Blair merely nodded while looking over her notes once more.


Sometime later…

Crews of people wandered around the set as they got the lighting set, the microphones in place, and checked to see if everything was ready to go. On the set stood an actress as she checked her messages, confirming other gigs before getting the queue from the director. Handing her phone to her assistant she then cleared her throat before the words, “Action!” called out.

“We all have dreams, fantasies, desires and until now that was all they ever were but with the new Desire chocolate bar your fantasies can become your reality.” She takes a bite, savoring it as she lets out a small moan, her bust starting to swell lightly in her top. Looking down, she smiles at the results before looking back at the camera. “So go ahead a try one. Your desires are only a bite away.”

Desire, The Chocolate Bar
This is a little story I wrote that's meant to tie into Rayne being a part of the :iconsquish-co: company. Here she develops a new type of chocolate bar for them to sell, though it might not be entirely ready. Once again this is meant to be really short and not really that descriptive just cause I wanted to mostly get the general idea out there as oppose to making some big long piece.
A world of pure imagination by Kaboozle
Here is a picture I got from :iconkaboozle: that features my OC Rayne giving a new expansion based chocolate bar to the girl in this gif with some nice results:

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Horns and sirens from various vehicles filled the city street as a panting breath escaped a young woman's mouth. She sprint down the sidewalk with little worry about her own wellbeing, dodging between other bystanders and hopping over small obstacles as she hurried to make it to work. Her auburn colored hair flowed behind her as her green colored eyes scanned possible routes through the sea of walkers. Her lean figure and short stature allowed her access to gaps most would get trapped in as she sprinted along.

Any road crossing left her jogging in place as she had to keep the momentum up or risk slowing down before finally being allowed to cross. Still, she was making good time as her destination was rapidly approaching. It was too bad that she was already late for work to begin with though. Hurrying along, she turned into an alleyway and burst through the back door, panting as she finally made it to the changing room in the small cafe she worked at.

There was only one other person there getting changed, Elsa, another girl known for being late quite often. "Hey Alice, didn't think I'd ever see you late for work." Elsa stated casually as Alice frantically opened her locker to put on her work clothes, a cute set of maid clothing. "My cat knocked over my alarm clock last night so it didn't go off." Alice tried to explain before she heard a small sigh behind her which made her stiffen up and freeze while Elsa merely kept dressing up.

"You two, in my office, now." was all the voice behind Alice said before the figure returned to her office, Alice sighed in defeat as she only now finally began to slow down and put her outfit on properly while Elsa was already done and walked into the manager's office. Following soon after, Alice entered the office and looked at the name plate which read Beatrix before looking at the woman adorn in maid attire.

"You know, here at Ribbons we pride ourselves in a number of things. Our food, our service, our staff, et cetera. But back here, away from the customers one of the things we pride ourselves is our punctuality." Beatrix stated as she stood up from her desk, causing Alice to start sweating as Elsa merely yawned. “We’re a small business much like our sister cafes, Buttons in Japan and Laces in the UK, and as such we have to run a tighter ship and because of such it’s critical that you girls are timely.” Beatrix leaned over her desk lightly as she looked at Alice, the girl responding "I-I'm so sorry Beatrix, it won't happen again I swear."

This caused the manager to smile as she gave a small chuckle, “Well I certainly hope it won’t happen again… or else…” Her voice became rather low as small red horns began to appear a top of Beatrix’s forehead while the sclera of her eyes became pitch black as her iris’s glowed a demonic red. “You’ll be doing much more than apologizing. Now get out there!” She claimed, razor sharp teeth showing themselves as Alice frantically hurried out of the room while Elsa kept her casual stride as she left as well.

Sweating and shaking slightly, Alice attempted to recompose herself as she used a small handkerchief to wipe of the perspiration. “I-I’ve never seen Beatrix like that before…” She said with a slight stutter as Elsa merely shrugged, “I wouldn’t worry about it, she likes using her shape shifting abilities to scare off newbies.” Alice gave a slight nod to this, taking any form of reassurance she could as she had only been working for Ribbons for two weeks now.

The young lady quickly followed her coworker as they finally left the dressing room and greeted the customers in the café. The mood was light and cheerful as each table with a group of customers was accompanied by a maid of different shapes and sizes. One table was entertained by a rather heavy weight maid as she told jokes as Alice frowned slightly, while Susan was rather cute looking in her heavy weight form Alice knew the girl didn’t like using the form too often.

At another table a rather confident maid looked smugly at her guests, raising her hands which made them stop their meal and prepare for the show. Looking back and forth to raise the suspense and to bathe in the attention, the maid then snapped her fingers and her small A cup breasts suddenly doubled in size as she let out a lewd moan. She snapped again and now her top was stretching against her now DD cup breasts as she moaned more.

She raised her hands once more and the customers stared wide eyed and praying for it to continue as she grinned and snapped once more. A button flew off her top and landed in a tea cup as her top burst open, showing her lovely bra as well as her midriff as the top could not cover any more of her skin. A round of cheers soon followed that as the girl merely smiled smugly and pretended to attempt covering herself up as Alice blushed lightly at the display.

She walked back into the kitchen and the secret behind all these transformations was revealed as a rather elegant looking latte machine sat in the corner. A normal machine to the unaware eye, but with the proper knows how it was a gateway to desire. Given to the café by the local doctor and scientist Rayne, it would allow the maids in the café to transform in the ways higher paying customers wanted.

This wasn’t the only way these transforms were accomplished in the café but it was the most popular among the girls. As Elsa went on her way, the previous maid came into the kitchen, “Oh hey Alice, we were wondering where you were. Your usual is waiting at the table for you.” She said as her bra covered breasts bounced as she walked to the back to get a dessert. “Thanks Lily.” Alice said as she peeked out of the window on the kitchen door to attempt seeing her repeated customer.

Knowing the routine, Alice went and grabbed a couple desserts, placing little flags in them which read “eat me” on them. She then filled out a couple cups of tea and placed them on a tray as she then took her items and exited the kitchen to make her way over to her customer. On the journey there she heard some stretching that was common to hear from balloons being inflated as instead of a balloon it was another one of the maids.

Long blonde hair along with lovely blue eyes, the girl giggled as her petite form soon started plumping up as her curves began filling out with air. Her thighs, hips, butt, and bust slowly inflated which caused more rubber stretching to fill the air as she pressed her hands against her skin, letting them sink against her soft form. With each pump of air she gave a little bounce which seemed to take longer for her to come down from as she was starting to become rather buoyant once her hourglass figure started stretching her outfit to the limit, causing buttons to pop and seams to tear as she smiled.

This made Alice smile as that maid always loved inflating to the biggest size she could, even if Beatrix was a little annoyed with the constant outfit repairs, though she couldn’t argue with the results as the customer was always willing to pay extra for every extra pump the maid would allow to her body. Continuing along her way, Alice finally took a seat at the table with her special customer.

“Glad to see you remember the desserts I like.” A feminine voice said as she smiled at Alice, patting the seat next to her for the maid to join her. “Well of course, it wouldn’t be proper of me to forget what my mistress likes.” This made the woman smile more as she leaned in close to Alice, her dress showing off the generous amount of cleavage that the customer had due to its revealing nature and the basketball sized breasts that filled it. “You’re such a sweet girl, but if you don’t mind sweetie I’d like to start our fun early today.”

This caused Alice to blush a little as she was used to a little playful banter between the two of them before they began, but she simply nodded, “Yes Ms. Hendricks.” She gave a small smile and took one of the lovely made desserts, looking at the little sign that sat on it before picking up her fork and cutting off a little piece of the dessert before Ms. Hendricks stopped her. 

“Ah, hold on a little cutie. Let me help you with that.” Taking the fork from Alice, Ms. Hendricks leaned in even closer, her breasts squishing against Alice’s arm as her full red lipstick covered lips whispered out, “Say ‘Ahhh’.” Ms. Hendricks then placed the fork in Alice’s mouth as Alice’s tongue enjoyed the sweet taste and sensation of the sugar coated bakery item. As she chewed on the food, she took a small sip of tea and smiled at Ms. Hendricks, “Mmm.”

This made Ms. Hendricks giggle as she presented Alice with another bite which she gladly took. However this time it appeared as though the made was a little shorter than usual. Each new piece she ate resulted in her getting smaller and smaller as Ms. Hendricks hummed softly as she observed the changes. The first time this had happened Alice had been rather nervous. For one it was her first day at that time and second was the fact that this buxom woman then stood over her.

Now it was quite the usual affair for her, no more worries or doubts and at least for her no more wardrobe malfunctions. Due to the frequency of the transformation, Alice had been given an outfit that would morph with her, much like Susan as to keep the girls modest and avoid any unneeded complications. Due to the cost of it though, it prevented all the girls from having a similar outfit.

Back to the transformation at hand though, Alice by now was a cute little thing, easily as tall as one's hand length. She looked up at her giant mistress who smiled warmly back at her. "Oh my little Alice, such a lovely girl you are. Now it's time for you to visit wonderland." Giggling, she reached out and softly lifted Alice up in her hands, making sure the girl had a good grip as to avoid any accidents.

A strong no touching rule was a big part of the cafe due to its rather subjective nature with any unwanted touching leading to immediate withdrawal from the cafe. Even for the highest paying customers it was entirely up to the maid if they would allow any physical contact and if at any moment they demand the touching stop then the command must be followed. 

It was a steady climb for Alice to get comfortable enough with Ms. Hendricks to allow any touching and even more so when the woman requested to be able to lift the delicate little maid. Trusting her though, Alice did allow such an action and Ms. Hendricks was more than happy to pay extra for the added privilege. 

Now face to face with her mistress, Alice stood and gave a small bow. "I hope my mistress is pleased by my appearance." The giantess nodded her head, "Oh very much so Alice. But... I was hoping... if it was OK with you if we added something new to this." she brought the girl in close and began to whisper, a normal volume for Alice due to her height, "Would you mind if I placed you in my cleavage? It's just you're so adorable and small, I want to have you close to me."

This caused the tiny made to turn a shade a red as she looked at Ms. Hendricks and then down to her generous bust, each breast looking three times the size of the maid herself. Though she couldn't deny that she had considered Ms. Hendricks quite lovely to look at, and had at some points wondered how her body felt. Cheeks still red, the maid replied with a little nod which made Ms. Hendricks squeel in joy, "Oh thank you sweetie. I promise you'll enjoy this and that nothing bad will happen, I swear."

Carefully, the curvy woman lowered Alice so the girl would be atop her mighty bust and smile down at the maid as she cupped her own breasts to make a slight opening in her cleavage for Alice to snuggle into. Heart pounding, Alice took gentle steps on Ms. Hendricks bust before sitting down, noticing the heat of her skin against her as she carefully scooted her way between the breasts.

Her blush remained as she could smell the sweet scent of Ms. Hendricks skin as well as feel just how soft the woman's skin was as she wedged her way into the cleavage. Ms. Hendricks meanwhile was panting heavily as her sensitive skin felt every move that Alice made. Her palms squeezed her breasts lightly as her nipples began to harden from arousal. 

"Oh sweetie... you're sending electricity through my body. Don't stop moving... I'll make you feel good too..." She said as her cheeks were flushed, slowly she began to massage her breasts, causing Alice to gaso as the pillowly breasts began to hug her and rub her all over. The small maid panted as her small body was rubbed all over by quite heavenly flesh. Every inch of her was given a hug as both girls panted from feeling each other's body against themselves.

Never thinking her fantasy would come true, Ms. Hendricks didn't last long as she massaged her breasts harder as she pinched her own nipples, letting out a loud gasp as she tensed up and then leaned forward, catching her breast as Alice hopped onto the table and looked up at her. "A-are you alright mistress." The giantess didn't answer at first as she kept squeezing her breasts lightly before finding releasing them. 

Smiling, Ms. Hendricks brought two fingers to her lips and gave them a little kiss, bringing the fingers over to Alice who could see the lipstick imprint. Leaning in, she kissed the place Ms. Hendricks kissed which made the customer giggle. "Yes, I'm wonderful dear. I can't wait for us to do this again next week." Smiling, Alice gave a small nod as she said, "I can't wait either mistress." with genuine excitement and happiness at her future schedule. 

Ribbons, The Transformation Cafe
Hey there everybody, heres a little story I wrote that's meant to be a companion piece to :iconinflatableastaroth: 's inflation cafe story. The story is kind of an introduction so sorry for no real playing in it, its kind of a set up for fun in the future. Still I hope you enjoy the concept and if ya do let me know in the comments and make sure to check Astaroth's story on her DA page. Anyway enjoy!
Need a check up? by AgawaR
Here is a lovely piece of advertisement for Rayne's clinic starring her and her new employee, fellow doctor Blair.

Here is a small introduction to Blair:

Blair is a character created by Degeneratepai who can be found here:

While this amazing art was created by :iconagawar:

Also the text in this picture was created by :iconmorphy-mcmorpherson:

If you want to see the textless version of the picture you can find it here:

Hope everyone likes the pic! Go check all these people out!

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The sounds of pages moving echoed in the almost empty room, its bored reader placing a hand on her cheek as sounds could be heard behind the door to her side. Through the door laid a hallway with various paths and doors, some doors leading to examination rooms while others led to offices. One said office was actually rather new as Crystal helped Stacy move Crystal's new desk to just the right spot. The two could be heard giggling through the office door, that was until Crystal called out Stacy's name which was soon followed by the sound of a vial breaking.

In another office at the end of the hall, the main doctor and the owner of the clinic, Rayne,  sat in her desk, giddy with excitement over the upcoming interview. A sigh could almost be heard back in the waiting room which made Rayne both giggle and dance in her chair with excitement. Soon enough the door to her office opened and a pair of massive breasts, equal to her own in every way entered first and were soon followed by their own.

A mature woman of fair skin and dark hair entered the room and closed the door, looking only a few years younger than Rayne. The green eyed woman took a seat in front of Rayne's desk. "Why hello there! Nice to finally meet you." Rayne called out with a bit of heighten excitement which caught the woman by surprise. "Yes quite. It's nice to meet you too Dr. Rayne." The woman replied with a British accent, extending her hand towards Rayne who took it and shook it, causing both their mammoth busts to jiggle and sway with each movement.

"Please, call me Rayne. It's a pleasure to meet you Dr. Blair." She replied in which Blair gave a nod, "Simply Blair will suffice. I trust you've already gone over my application?" She asked which Rayne smiled to and nodded, "Yes I have and I must say its a very impressive resume. It's not often I find another who studied in hyperism like I have, especially not to the level in which you have as well. Though I must say I am rather curious as to why you decided on my clinic over any other places closer to home?"

The other doctor seemed to give a minor, almost unnoticeable blush at this question as she combed her hair back slightly. "Ah, yes. Well if I'm going to be frank with you it's mostly because no other place would hire me. Mind you, that doesn't mean I think lesser of your clinic, it was just a few of my first choices didn't have open positions." There was a slight pause in Blair's response before she continued to explain, "And to be honest, most don't take my field and in some respects, me, too seriously due to the nature of my appearance as well as hyperism in general."

Rayne nodded her head once more as she scanned Blair's body lightly. "I see, well I'm sorry to hear that but sadly that is the truth in some organizations. No need to worry though, as someone in a similar 'state' as yourself I do not judge one on their appearance or major but rather their talents and you Blair have shown through your resume to have exactly what we need here." This caused a smile to appear on Blair's face which looked rather adorable on her. 

"When I first started this clinic it was simply me and Sharon, my receptionist, you met her in the waiting room. But as time passed my little clinic began to grow and now there's me, Sharon, our data manager Cassie, my nurse Stacy, and my former nurse now doctor in training Crystal. And as such we've needed to expand the foundation which has led to an even bigger surge of patients and as such we need more help here. After reading your resume, I can confidently say that you're exactly who we need Blair." Rayne cleared her throat a little after that explanation while Blair looked rather confident that she had a job as well as happy at being needed.

"Before we get you all settled in though, would you like some coffee or tea?" Rayne offered which Blair took a moment to think about, "Some tea would be nice please." This made a small grin appear on Rayne's lips as she stood up and walked over to the tea pot, pouring a cup before asking. "Would you like some cream in your tea?" The other doctor gave a small nod, "Yes please, just a little though." She failed to hear the giggle that left Rayne as Blair couldn't see the tea pot from behind her.

She also failed to notice as Rayne gently lowered her top slightly so her nipple was exposed, squeezing her breast lightly to let a few drops of milk escape her and fall into the tea cup. Covering herself, Rayne handed a cup to Blair and took one for herself to drink. Siting back behind her desk, she took a small sip as did Blair and giggled. "Well then I guess there's no need to beat around the bush, congratulations Blair, you're hired!"

This made Blair swell with joy as a full smile crossed her face and she reached out and grabbed Rayne's hand, shaking it once more. "Thank you so much, you have no idea how relieved I am to hear you say that. And I promise to devote myself, body and soul, to not only my patients but to this clinic itself." This made Rayne smile warmly, "I'm glad to hear it. We'll try having an office for you set up by the end of the month, Crystal has just gotten hers all set up this afternoon. Oh, word of warning though. Things can be a little interesting here, and I tend to be a little playful. So I hope you don't mind."

"I... Don't think I follow-ah!" Blair had tilted her head in confusion but her question was soon answered as the seat she had taken soon felt a bit tight around her hips and bottom. Looking down she stared wide eyed as her thighs plumped up slightly and her bottom had graduated a few sizes. "W-what is happening!?" She asked as she looked at Rayne, "Nothing to worry Dear. It's a simple serum my body creates and places in my breast milk. It's only temporary and has no damaging effects, so please just try to enjoy yourself."

Blair couldn't help but blush at being caught off guard at the sudden situation but she tried to take comfort in Rayne's assurance that nothing bad was happening. Truth be told she was right, it was rather easy to start finding this enjoyable as she could feel her sensitive skin rub against her own flesh as well as the material of the seat and her clothing. Like small sparks of pleasure she felt each movement send pleasure through her body. This caused her to wiggle in her seat slightly and let out a soft moan.

"Here at the Rayne Day Clinic Blair, we want our patients to feel good about themselves and their bodies. It's our task as doctors to ensure we do everything in our power to make them happy and to make their lives as long lasting and as enjoyable as possible. And if you can do that Blair then we'll happy welcome you to the family." Rayne said as she walked over to the doctor. "Y-yes I can... And I will..." The panting doctor replied as she looked up at Rayne with flushed cheeks as there was creaking noises as the seat began to fall apart from the juicy backside she had grown. 

"Great. Welcome to the family." Rayne said with a smile as she watched Blair give in to the rising pleasure and moan out in passion.
Expanding the Business
This is a small short story to introduce a new member to Rayne's clinic who you will all see rather soon. I hope you all enjoy the short read and I know you'll enjoy the new member when you see her.


UnskilledNinja's Profile Picture
United States
I'm a very, very lazy writer and to prove that, that's all I'll say.

Current Residence: San Jose
Favourite genre of music: Soundtracks
Favourite style of art: I just like art
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: Iphone
Wallpaper of choice: Stylish
Favourite cartoon character: Ed from Ed, Edd, and Eddy
I'm bored, so here are songs I feel fit my ocs. You can consider them theme songs if you'd like.

Dani: Dani By AgawaR by UnskilledNinja [link] (One she has a great voice and I picture Dani singing like her, two a similar name and ethnicity, and three when she puts her glasses on she looks just like Dani haha. My example: [link] )

Nikki: Chibi Nikki By Terrainakka by UnskilledNinja [link] (More of a in character thing. Few people in the house like wrestling, and Nikki liked AJ before she quit. That and AJ was a nerd like Nikki's mom. And here's an inside joke: [link] )

Selina: Selina Taylor By Anubis by UnskilledNinja  [link]

Sherry: Sherry and Nina by Anubis by UnskilledNinja [link] (I'm dumb... sorry, but have another! [link] )


Mature Content

Wanna Play? By Bakudemon by UnskilledNinja
  [link] (couldn't think of anything honestly)

Hitomi: Hitomi Colored by UnskilledNinja [link] (Get the joke? I'm so silly. No I'm not...)

Serenity: Reading at the park By L3moon Studios by UnskilledNinja [link]

Eris: Eris by NikoH by UnskilledNinja [link]

Suzie: Photo shoot! By Agawar by UnskilledNinja [link]


Mature Content

Tsukiko by AgawaR by UnskilledNinja
 [link] (Yes this is a joke though it does fit her well)

Bria: Bria, The Bounty Hunter by UnskilledNinja [link] (Courtesy of :iconnosmirmcawesome: her character designer haha, he also suggested this one [link] )

If any of you have some suggestions I guess let me know and I might go check them out cause even though I've grown up with a musician (a couple actually) doesn't mean I've heard every song in the world haha.

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