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Ok, so this might be really weird to write down but I seriously need to express this to someone or something or else I'm going to go crazy! I guess I'll explain the situation before getting to my problem. Basically my life is the typical story of a girl being raised by a single mother, rebellious in nature and style while my mom is more nurturing and trying to be understanding. She allowed me to express myself as I see fit as long as I don't do anything overly stupid like drugs or alcohol and in a way I guess that worked. I stopped trying to be a rebellious kid and kind of grew up respecting my mother for giving me my space but still being there when I needed her.

So after I turned 16 everything mellowed out though I kept the fashion sense. Then out of the blue my mom tells me she's going to start dating again, as if she hasn't been out of the dating game for years. I was skeptical at first to be honest; I mean sure she's only in her mid thirties and has the body of a 20 year old with nice large perky breasts and a surprisingly toned ass but I just never really pictured her dating again, especially since her freakish 6'8" height scared off more men than it attracted. We would sit in the living room watching our shows together when she would just start talking about my dad suddenly and how he was the perfect one but whenever I asked what happened to him she never told me, claiming I wouldn't understand.

Eventually she did find someone else though, some guy named Dave; nice body, a little young, but still a relatively nice guy and he seemed to make my mom happy. They dated for a few months before my mom started talking about pregnancy with me. Now she didn't talk about getting pregnant from Dave but specially talked about the time she was pregnant with me. She told me how great it felt feeling my life inside of her and joked about how huge she was during her pregnancy, but a part of me understood that she was possibly considering having another kid with Dave. I wasn't really sure how I felt about that though...

I guess I didn't really have to worry about it though, cause one morning I stumbled upon a sight that still confuses me til this day. The night before my mom said she was going out to dinner with Dave and wouldn't be home until late. When I saw her the next morning though, she wasn't the same for a number of reasons. First off... she was fucking huge! And you might not understand what I mean so let me explain. While before her breasts were large, this morning they were absolutely massive; her ass had upgraded from big to huge and her belly... her belly was just utterly gigantic. I didn't even notice at first that she must have been an even 7' tall at that moment, I was just too dumbfounded by what I was seeing.

She just smiled at me though, as if nothing was different and asked me to sit with her at the dinner table. As if on auto pilot my legs carried me to my destination and I slumped down on the chair, glaring at that monster belly of hers which she rubbed with extreme affection. Her words came out covered in bliss and motherly love as she told me how much she missed being with child, though she then giggled and mentioned that it seemed like her body instantly regained all the baby weight she had during her last pregnancy. She even mentioned that her breasts were sore and heavy, my eyes widening as I could see dark stains beginning to form on her top as her breasts were actually leaking milk. She quickly noticed this too and excused herself to clean off and the moment she disappeared into her room something overcame me as I stood up and ran to my room, locking myself inside.

What the hell did I just see!? What the hell happened to her body!? Why was she lactating!? A-and... was her belly moving..? All these questions swam in the confusion of my mind as I pictured her face, her expression, her voice, and her body and before I realized it, I was hornier than I had ever been in my life. What the fuck was wrong me!? I just witnessed what was clearly the definition of some strange shit and for some reason that mental image of my mother was making me wetter than the first time I dreamed about meeting Roy from the newest punk band. I was conflicted in the weirdest way but some unforeseen force compelled me to give in and for almost the entire day I did nothing much pleasure myself to the thought of rubbing against my mother's body, kissing her skin, hugging her belly, and drinking her milk.

I must have passed out at some point though because when I woke up it was night time. I did my best to clean myself up which involved changing clothes and removing my sheets before daring to exit my room. I heard some noise coming from the living room and timidly climbed down the stairs to see my mother watching TV like we normally do, this time though her belly was back to normal though the rest of her was still massive. She saw me though and smiled, patting the couch next to her for me to join her. Without a word I took my place by her side and merely kept smiling at me. "Where's Dave?" I asked her, which only made her giggle before she answered, "I'm sorry to say that things didn't work out with Dave in the long run so I don't think you'll see him again sweetheart. But that's ok, I still have you." Her smile was genuine and her arm went around me, pulling me in close as it was pressed against her mammoth breasts. She was so warm and I couldn't help but feel safe in her embrace. It was almost like I was a little girl again as she held me in her arms before sleep would eventually take me.

She's dating a lot more now. Its almost as if finding new guys is no challenge at all for her. She dates them for a couple of weeks, grows massive, then I never see them again and she's already onto the next guy. She never tells me what happened or why they left and every time I ask why she's gotten so big lately she just tells me its just baby weight she can't seem to burn off, even though she isn't pregnant.

I don't know what to do... Obviously something is up. So many men have disappeared and my mother is showing no signs of stopping her dating any time soon. What's worse is... I think she's getting bigger too. I mean I could have swore she was a few inches over 7 feet today and her breasts... just... wow... But that's the problem. I see all these people disappearing, all these bulging bellies of hers, all these massive milk filled breasts, these huge shorts destroying asses and... I like it... I like it more than anything I've ever seen and the more I see it the bigger I want her to get. But... this isn't right. I have to get to the bottom of this and stop it don't I? I have to stop her endless spree before someone else notices or she grows to big. Or... maybe find out how to possibly do it myself... after all... I bet I would look good with a body like hers...

Mother's Dates
I literally just wrote this right now, in just thirty minutes so don't expect anything amazing I just needed to get this out of my head.

First off, this isn't getting a sequel with at most there being a picture or two of the mother or daughter. Second, since I'm not a tease no the men are not dead and no she did not eat them but if you really need that imagery then imagine that last sentence away. Still I will admit that I do like vore to an extent and on rare occasion, soft, non fatal, and consensual vore. Though its mostly just Unbirthing.

Still I had an idea of a mother growing bigger due to baby weight from unbirthing and made this story to suit that idea. I didn't give exact measurements or even body appearances not because I'm lazy but because I want you to actually imagine them the way you want to. Have the mother be as big as you want, the daughter as attractive as you want. You have the power! I believe in you!

Anyway, I do hope you at least enjoy this short story a bit and aren't offended by the fetishes it hints and shows, just have fun damn it!
Tsukiko by AgawaR by UnskilledNinja
Tsukiko by AgawaR
Here's a little tanuki named Tsukiko drawn by :iconagawar: she's so adorable! and apparently rather hungry haha.
Lounging around by BakuDemon by UnskilledNinja
Lounging around by BakuDemon
You arrive home, it was a long day at work and all you want to do is relax. You enter your room and come across this sight. She smiles at you and motions for you to climb into bed. "Don't worry." she says as she then climbs on top of you, her bare skin on yours before her hands touch your skin and begins to massage your body to sooth away the stress.

Art by :iconbakudemon:
Tsukiko is by me.
At Sun Set by Hinomars19 by UnskilledNinja
At Sun Set by Hinomars19
The job was simple, head to the planet Luturn, find the target and eliminate them. That was until Bria somehow got herself involved in a dueling competition to the death. Recognized before she could complete her task, she was captured and forced to participate in the tournament with her freedom only granted if she wins. Given only one shot for each duel she barely managed to make to the final duel. Now as the sun sets, her and her target stare each other down as the signal goes off, hands a blur as they each grab their pistol with the sound of two shots going off, one from her and one from him, soon followed by the sound of his body hitting the floor. 

This is an amazing picture, once again done by the ever talented :iconhinomars19:

Bria belongs to me, and these random short summaries are also by me. Hope you guys enjoy the picture as much as I do, and I will try to get even more in the future :)


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I'm a very, very lazy writer and to prove that, that's all I'll say.

Current Residence: San Jose
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Ok so this is a ramble merely because I literally just finished the game and boy am I upset and disappointed with this game's story to the point that I'm not thinking clearly.

First off, I want to get out of the way that the game is alright. It wasn't amazing,  it wasn't great, it wasn't horrible, it wasn't bad, it was just alright.

So I've been waiting for this game since a little bit after it was announced, not because of who was directing it but because well it's a new survival horror IP and I like it when people try something new. Anyway so the game came out and I got it on the PS4 (because I need validation for owning the damn thing). First thing I notice is that the game looks like a PS3 game, now that's not a bad thing but it really isn't a game you need to get on the new gen consoles since nothing looks different from this and the PS3 version. Also for some reason there was a lot of texture loading in the game which I didn't really expect given how it looks but whatever.

Then you get to the gameplay itself and for the most part its fine. It feels like RE4 though with some tweaks and changes. First off you can now fully sprint (yay!) but at level one you can only sprint for 3 seconds (boo!) thankfully you can upgrade it and it's not essential but I would have enjoyed being able to sprint longer. Your melee attacks are also a lot weaker than in RE4 (you have a knife but you only use it for stealth kills for whatever reason) but this can be upgraded too but I never fully upgraded it so I can't tell if it's worth it or not but needless to say until you do punching people is out of the question. The game is still over the shoulder but unlike RE4, this game really zooms in a lot, to the point that only your gun is on the corner of the screen which can be a little disorientating and for me effected my accuracy in a negative way.

Survival and item management is key in this game unlike RE4 though, you really don't get a lot of anything which is what this game excels at. You never feel too powerful or even too confident because you're usually under supplied which adds to the tension of the game. Surviving is a lot harder in this game than RE4 as well since quite a few enemies in this game can either one hit kill you at a quarter health or even at full health. Many of the bosses have a gimmick to them to help you defeat them easier and if you don't do so and just brutal force it than the game punishes you severely because of the lack of supplies. You really do have to think and adapt to make it through and that's a good thing.

The biggest flaw of this game though is it's story. It's confusing, it's dark, and it's unresolved (spoilers), and normally this is ok but this game offers no satisfaction upon completing it's story. You don't feel like the story is over, you don't feel like you accomplished anything, and hell even all the backstory that is revealed in notes have mysteries that aren't resolved. There is just no enjoyment to get out of this story, it's merely there so you have an excuse to do some really weird things and experience some really weird things.

Now since it's October and people play these games to be scared, the next question is if the game is scary or not. I can't really judge that for people honestly, I know some people who would shit their pants over this and I know some people who will be like me and just journey along making jokes and not being bothered at all. I don't know why but this game was never scary, at least to me, I mean sure it was tense but this isn't a Survival Tension game, its survival horror. I feel the reason it's not scary is because this game seems to go more for gross out horror rather than actual horror. Everyone looks ugly and disfigured, the walls are covered in push and pulsating organs, and you fight on a giant brain with eyeballs on the walls. There are moments where it goes back to traditional horror, mood lighting, dark corridors, and ambient noises but the constant shift in locations (I'd love to explain that but this is too fucking long already) really hurts the atmosphere the game is trying to create. It could have been soooo much better in horror but instead they opted for body horror instead.

Oh and side comment, people bitched about how RE5 and 6 have these dumb moments where you fight people with machine guns, or drive jeeps with LMG mounted too them, or had on the rail sections and that the director of RE1 and 4 claimed that was stupid and ruined the franchise. But guess what? Near the end of this game that's what you do. You encounter swat guys with assault rifles, you get two on the rail sections, and you even fight a boss with an unlimited ammo LMG on the back of a military humvee. So what the hell Mikami? Don't state that these things killed one of your previous creations and then put them in the next one yourself. Some of you might think that these are for parody of that but they honestly aren't. This story gets soooo stupid that it just happens.

I wanted this game to be great, I wanted it to live up to the great fun that RE4 was, but it just wasn't. It has its charms as well as its really fun moments, but it's just lacking in so many areas to really make it a great game in my opinion. The story sucks, some of the gameplay choices weren't great, and it wasn't scary just gross.

I'm not going to lie and say its a horrible game though and if you can ignore the stupid story than I'm sure most people are really going to enjoy it a lot and that's not a bad thing. For me though, it could have been better. If I had to give it a dumb score or something I would give it a 7/10 or something. 3.5/5 whatever sounds more impressive to you guys haha.

Oh another side comment, this took me 14 hours to beat on my first run through and apparently I died 70 times (thanks for telling me that game, thats a really nice touch haha). There is stuff to unlock, a few weapons and game modes (just two difficulties, one being a one hit kills you mode) so I will probably play it again (once again, I have like nothing else on my PS4) and I will probably enjoy it still; however, this time I'm skipping all the cutscenes.

TL;DR: I'm a whiny bitch and scrub who got butt hurt over a story but the game is still fun.

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