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A swirling circle spins in the center of darkness. An image soon replacing the darkness while the circle continues to spin. The image appears blurry as the figure moving about is shuttering from lag and buffering. Eventually the image comes into focus and a lovely curvy woman is smiling at the viewer.

A canyon of cleavage is in full view as she leans over to properly set up the Web cam, some slight giggling being heard from her. "There we go. Should be all good now heehee." She said cheerfully as she sits down in her computer chair and rests her chin on her hands. She stares at the camera for a few seconds with her dark orange eyes while her smile never leaves.

Her fluffy tail can be seen swaying behind her lightly as her ears twitch occasionally, a small leaf a top her burnette hair. "Hey there world. The name's Tsukiko and it's nice to meet ya!" She finally says as she waves softly which causes her chest to jiggle lightly, each breast appearing to be at least a bit larger than her own head as they're stuffed into her orange hoodie.

"You might be wondering what this video is about or who I am so allow me to explain. As I said before I'm Tsukiko, a cute little tanuki girl who works as a cosplay model for magazines and websites with her girlfriend and tends to suffer from kleptomania. Lately works been a little slow so I thought I'd start making little vlogs to both entertain myself and connect with any of my fans who do recognize me." She explains as she leans back in her chair, allowing for a good portion of her figure to be seen.

Her belly is flat and rather firm as her hips hint to a nice large backside while her thighs have a nice ample and soft look to them. "Anyway, I thought I'd let this video focus on answering a couple common questions I've gotten either at work or in letters from you guys. First off, let me get the big question out of the way."

She stands up from her seat and suddenly begins unbuckling her short shorts, pulling them down enough to show her pink frilly panties. "I'm a woman, 100%. Not a man or a futa using shapeshifting magic. Just because I'm a tanuki doesn't mean I'm the one from Japanese folklore with massive balls. Tanukis are real animals people, look'em up."

She pulls her short shorts back up, having to do little hops which make her breasts bounce and her thighs jiggle before she sits back down. "Now that being said, I do actually have shapeshifting powers. I know I know, I sound contradicting already but just go with it. Another question I've gotten is if my images are photoshopped since my figure tends to change between photoshoots. The answer is no, shapeshifting powers and all though my abilities work in two different ways." 

She shuffles a bit in her seat and makes sure her clothing is unruffled before continuing. "You see, when I want to change I have to think about what I want to be, then poke the leaf on my head." She pokes her leaf and giggles as see gives her breasts a little shake to catch the viewers attention. Gradually her bust starts to swell within her hoodie, growing in cup size as they begin to stretch out her hoodie and her cleavage begins pouring out of the opening created by the lowered zipper.

"You see, small changes like that occur slowly; however, if I want to do a big change it'll happen instantly and in a little puff of smoke. So let me demonstrate while answering another question. Who am I dating? Well fans of my pictures will be able to guess right away but let me show the rest of you." She winks at the camera and stands up once more to allow the viewer to see her better and to make room. Once she's properly set up she smiles once more at the camera and pokes her leaf, a puff of smoke suddenly filling the room and obscuring the camera.

As the smoke slowly starts to fade, a new figure is visible. Instead of Tsukiko stands another curvy lady whose skin shines Scarlet while her belly is a pretty pink. Little red dragon wings rest on her back as small horns sit on her head. Along side the horns is the little tanuki leaf which sits comfy on the violetish hair. A thick dragon like tail swishes about as the girl fixes her glasses, her outfit changed to what Sera usually wears. "This is Sera, my lovely Scarlet sweetheart." Tsukiko's voice said coming out of Sera.

"She can sometimes come off as disinterested but I assure you she's a loving cuddly thing." She says with a smile as she hugs herself, pretending to hug her lover. She then crosses her arms and makes a pouty face, "B-baka! I'm not blushing because of all the sweet things you're saying about me..." she says, doing her impression of Sera before smiling and blowing a kiss at the camera. "Love you Sera." She then pokes the leaf once more and smoke covers the screen once more.

Blowing the smoke away, Tsukiko smiles at the camera and waves before sitting down once more. "Haha, that was fun. But yeah that's both my sweetheart and how my shapeshifting works. If you noticed my clothes changed as well when I was acting as my girlfriend. My ability allows me to change outfits instantly, though I only use it in a hurry since it's more fun putting on and removing clothes the old fashion way." She says with another wink before giggling. 

"However the ability can be quite useful while doing photoshoots." She chuckles and stands up once more, poking her leaf as another puff of smoke appears before being fanned away by a paper fan, showing Tsukiko in a Mai Shiranui outfit. "よ!日本一!" She declares as she tosses the fan up and catches it, the action making her breasts bounce. She sticks her tongue out and pokes her leaf once more to return her normal clothing.

"Haha maybe I should stay standing up if I'm going to keep doing demonstrations. Well there's only one question left anyway so I suppose I'll just answer that now too. Is my leaf a part of me and can I remove it?" She doesn't poke the leaf but inside picks it up, taking it off her head. "Yes it's removable but it always returns to my head. As so." She tosses it into the air and as if blown by a breeze it floats back onto her head.

She takes it off once more and puts it on the desk, only for a gust of wind to knock it back in the air and fall on her head once more. "See? And it seems to stick to me too." She leans over, letting her deep cleavage show as she shakes her head yet the leaf remains in place. "So yeah, it's removable but it always comes back. And it shows when I shapeshift so you'll always know who I am." She smiles and sits down again as she looks at the camera and tries to think if there was anything she missed.

"Hmm... that should be it. I hope you guys enjoyed the little vlog! It was actually pretty fun so I might do more of these in the future. If you guys have any questions for me just leave a comment down below and I might just get to it in the future. Anyway that's all for now, I'll talk to you lovelies next time! Kisses!" She blows a kiss to the camera before ending the video.
Tsukiko's Voluptuous Vlog
Here's a little story I wrote in an hour. I've used this writing style before and heard it's confusing to read but I felt like writing in it so whatever. I haven't proof read this so I expect there to be errors. Still I hope you all enjoy this little peak into Tsukiko.

Sera is from :iconinflatableastaroth:
Missing You by Kaboozle
Tsukiko is a loving girl, and as such she's easy to miss her lover when they're away. Sometimes sending them reasons to miss her just as badly.

Art by :iconkaboozle:
Tsukiko is mine :)
Tentacle Magic By Jcdr
Looks like Evie accidentally summoned something she wasn't planning on. Hopefully she can get the self proclaimed Alectos under control before things get a little out of hand.

Picture drawn by :iconjcdr:
Yoga Lessons By Jassycoco
Part of Rayne's job is to help promote body health. To do this, she often teaches some yoga and Pilates to help strengthen the body. Today she's asked for some assistance from her partner Blair. So now these two ladies are helping teach a few patients how to bend and stretch.

Picture was drawn by :iconjassycoco: and Blair belongs to
Loading... a wrecking ball By Agawar
Reliving their youth, Evie and Rayne decided to go out and work together to build a jolly ol' snowman. Apparently Rayne forgot about her massive bust though as she came in like a wrecking ball.

Thanks to :iconagawar: for drawing the girls in such a cute way. I really wanted to show off their winter design and I'm grateful that Agawa took the references I provided and drew them in said outfits. Enjoy winter everyone! :)


UnskilledNinja's Profile Picture
United States
I'm a very, very lazy writer and to prove that, that's all I'll say.

Current Residence: San Jose
Favourite genre of music: Soundtracks
Favourite style of art: I just like art
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: Iphone
Wallpaper of choice: Stylish
Favourite cartoon character: Ed from Ed, Edd, and Eddy
I'm bored, so here are songs I feel fit my ocs. You can consider them theme songs if you'd like.

Dani: Dani By AgawaR by UnskilledNinja [link] (One she has a great voice and I picture Dani singing like her, two a similar name and ethnicity, and three when she puts her glasses on she looks just like Dani haha. My example: [link] )

Nikki: Chibi Nikki By Terrainakka by UnskilledNinja [link] (More of a in character thing. Few people in the house like wrestling, and Nikki liked AJ before she quit. That and AJ was a nerd like Nikki's mom. And here's an inside joke: [link] )

Selina: Selina Taylor By Anubis by UnskilledNinja  [link]

Sherry: Sherry and Nina by Anubis by UnskilledNinja [link] (I'm dumb... sorry, but have another! [link] )


Mature Content

Wanna Play? By Bakudemon by UnskilledNinja
  [link] (couldn't think of anything honestly)

Hitomi: Hitomi Colored by UnskilledNinja [link] (Get the joke? I'm so silly. No I'm not...)

Serenity: Reading at the park By L3moon Studios by UnskilledNinja [link]

Eris: Eris by NikoH by UnskilledNinja [link]

Suzie: Photo shoot! By Agawar by UnskilledNinja [link]


Mature Content

Tsukiko by AgawaR by UnskilledNinja
 [link] (Yes this is a joke though it does fit her well)

Bria: Bria, The Bounty Hunter by UnskilledNinja [link] (Courtesy of :iconnosmirmcawesome: her character designer haha, he also suggested this one [link] )

If any of you have some suggestions I guess let me know and I might go check them out cause even though I've grown up with a musician (a couple actually) doesn't mean I've heard every song in the world haha.

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