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Give me a T! by KNHoshi by UnskilledNinja
Give me a T! by KNHoshi
Ever since meeting her girlfriend Sera, Tsukiko has gotten a lot more into cosplay. Sometimes her lover needs a little pick me up so in order to cheer her up Tsukiko will quickly put on her little cheerleader outfit and cheer her on. And who can look at that encouragement and fail? No one that's who!

For as she would cheer, "I'm playful and fun, so pat me on the bun! So hold me and enjoy, your little tanuki toy! We'll expand and grow, until we can't fit through the door! Yay!!"

Art is by :iconknhoshi:
My Love, my Rage, and all my Sorrow by Kaboozle by UnskilledNinja
My Love, my Rage, and all my Sorrow by Kaboozle
In this lovely picture we have Sera and Tsukiko in the middle of taking a picture together while wearing costumes from G Gundam. Can you name who they are?

Haha, looks like the girls can never get enough of playing dress up together, and by the size of their assets I would suspect some playing occurred before the picture was taken.

Sera from :iconinflatableastaroth:
Art by :iconkaboozle:
Smooth And Graceful By Anubis2pabon288 by UnskilledNinja
Smooth And Graceful By Anubis2pabon288
This is a picture done by my friend :iconanubis2pabon288: for an art trade we had together.

In this picture we see Serenity on a small date with two of her girlfriends, Sam and Keki. Wanting to have a bit of a more private time with the catgirl, Sam takes Serenity by the hand and the two start to skate together while Keki attempts to do her own tricks which... lead to some interesting results.

Serenity is my OC
Sam belongs to :iconj-t-d:
Keki belongs to Anubis
Tangled by Akihiro94 by UnskilledNinja
Tangled by Akihiro94
I don't know how it happens but it always seems to. Lessien is just a magnet for getting tangled in things that just shouldn't happen in a normal frequency, and somehow she's managed to even get poor Rayne involved. Poor girls, I wonder who will help them out of their binds. Oh wait! What's that over there? All their experimental serums and concoctions? What's on your mind eh? Stop gaping and help them already.

Amazing art by :iconakihiro94:
Lessien by the great :iconj-t-d:
Rayne from the annoying me
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
A giggle echoes into your ears and the room itself as you gaze upon the slim and happy demoness. Gently, your hands caress her human shaped feet, her toes dancing in delight from the flowing pleasure of the massage. Her purple flesh shined with the small amount of lighting in the room as her wings rest comfortably against the mattress. Her hands remain against the headboard as they are bound to it, but this is not a dire situation and the bounds are only wrapped gently around her wrists, not enough to injure her.

Resting at the side of the bed was a number of helium tanks, each with a hose attachment just waiting to be used, and so was she as she smirks at you, “Whenever you’re ready love. I’m waiting.” Her delicate voice is like a melody you love and it makes your heart flutter as your hands shake lightly when reaching for the first hose. You grab hold of the hold and it slides a little against your palm as it stretches to meet the distance you need it to; your other hand grabbing hold of the demoness’s tail which you know has a valve at the tip of it.

Connecting the hose to her tail, she shivers in anticipation and sings the words you long to hear “Fill me up love, make me big… make me huge…” You cannot deny her any longer as you reach for the valve at the top of the tank and turn it, releasing a hissing noise into the room as the demoness giggles in excitement as she can feel it begin. At first only her tail swells up, taking in the helium as it bulges through her, but soon enough it starts to disappear into her body.

It takes a few seconds for it to be noticeable but then you see it, her hips her already nicely wide hips seem to have gained a few inches in size but it didn’t look like fat. You can’t resist, you slide your hands along her calves, moving up to her thighs and then her hips, letting your fingers press against her skin where you swear it feels like pressing against a filling balloon. Goosebumps start to appear on her skin as pleasure makes her legs flinch and her breathing increase as she looks at you with a hint of blush.

Slowly she grows before your eyes, her hips and thighs getting plumper while her butt also gains a few inches itself. The sound of stretching can be heard, sounding very much like a balloon being filled as she begins to rub her thighs together, but you stop her making her pout for a second then gasp as you use your hands instead to rub against her inner thighs. Her blush grows stronger as you can feel the heat of her skin, the smoothness of her body, and the helium which is making her thighs thicker by the second.

Eventually the gas starts to travel further along her body, making her small handful breasts perk up in her bra. “Unclasp me love?” She asks but you only grin back at her as you start to kiss her stomach, making her moan in pleasure as she can’t stop you. She tastes so good; you just can’t stop, making your way up her body with kisses being planted the entire time until you reach her chest.  There your hands resume their massage, slipping into the cups so you can get a handful of her mounds while your palms softly rub against her nipples making her bite her lower lip.

You tease her body with more caressing though with each passing rub you find there is more flesh to pleasure and less space in the cup itself. Her lower meanwhile begins to bounce a little on the bed as she’s getting lighter and having more difficulty keeping her butt down now that it has doubled in size with helium.  You enjoy the sensation of her breasts growing against your hands, making you squeeze them lightly which causes the gas to spread across her body slightly before flowing back into the mounds as you loosen your grip.
This causes a grin to form on your lips as a devilish idea comes to mind. Leaving her breasts alone, you caress her sides which make her shutter and shiver as she can’t help tense you as little shocks of pleasure make her muscles contract. Soon you reach her doorframe filling hips and without warning wrap your arms around them and give them a loving hug.

She moans hard as the gas is possible out of her hips, which overflow the tops of your arms, and cause her to gain a small belly but the real attraction was her bust which began to swell rapidly. She blushes and shuts her eyes as her teeth clench and a hint of saliva escapes her lips while her bust inflates larger and larger. Her bra stretches as far as it can, making straining noises rather audible as her flesh starts to overflow all edges of the bra as it was simply not meant to contain such a growing creature.

You won’t stop the hug though, you have a goal now and you won’t be satisfied until that goal is reached. So more and more the little demoness inflates against your body, her bottom trying to break your hold on it but all it does is make her bust swell out even faster which makes her moan and groan as she’s not sure how much more she can take as the straps dig in deep with the bra cups basically only being good at covering her nipples only now.

That is, until with a sudden shake and yell, she tenses up and her bra tears asunder from her breasts conquering it. Not only that but the act has had another effect on her as you can hear her panting hard, letting you know that the act had caused her to reach orgasm. Attempting to regain her composure, she giggles at you and you finally release her hips, making the gas rush back and floomp her butt to triple its starting size. You both giggle at the rapid expansion and you make your way over to her face, the demoness’s wings flapping lightly as she’s now floating above the bed from the helium while the straps on her wrists keep her from flying towards the ceiling.

“Hi love…” She says through panting breath and heavy blush. You say hi back and softly caress her cheek which makes her smile and look at you lovingly. You whisper your love to her and she returns it, but then whispers right after, “I said I wanted to be huge love… you’re not done yet.” You both chuckle and smile but you can’t deny her if you wanted to, so you nod in response to her request. Taking in a deep breath, deeper than should be humanly possible, you press your lips against hers and give her a kiss. As well as all the air you have in you which make her start to inflate at an even faster rate…
Your love, is lifting me higher
Here is another random inflation story. It's been on my mind for a while now so I just wanted to write it out so I can work on other things. This was originally suppose to get a lot more sexual and a lot larger but decided to make it tamer and well, slightly cuter and romantic. Also Let's see who can guess who is being inflated in this story. :P


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I'm a very, very lazy writer and to prove that, that's all I'll say.

Current Residence: San Jose
Favourite genre of music: Soundtracks
Favourite style of art: I just like art
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Ok so this is a ramble merely because I literally just finished the game and boy am I upset and disappointed with this game's story to the point that I'm not thinking clearly.

First off, I want to get out of the way that the game is alright. It wasn't amazing,  it wasn't great, it wasn't horrible, it wasn't bad, it was just alright.

So I've been waiting for this game since a little bit after it was announced, not because of who was directing it but because well it's a new survival horror IP and I like it when people try something new. Anyway so the game came out and I got it on the PS4 (because I need validation for owning the damn thing). First thing I notice is that the game looks like a PS3 game, now that's not a bad thing but it really isn't a game you need to get on the new gen consoles since nothing looks different from this and the PS3 version. Also for some reason there was a lot of texture loading in the game which I didn't really expect given how it looks but whatever.

Then you get to the gameplay itself and for the most part its fine. It feels like RE4 though with some tweaks and changes. First off you can now fully sprint (yay!) but at level one you can only sprint for 3 seconds (boo!) thankfully you can upgrade it and it's not essential but I would have enjoyed being able to sprint longer. Your melee attacks are also a lot weaker than in RE4 (you have a knife but you only use it for stealth kills for whatever reason) but this can be upgraded too but I never fully upgraded it so I can't tell if it's worth it or not but needless to say until you do punching people is out of the question. The game is still over the shoulder but unlike RE4, this game really zooms in a lot, to the point that only your gun is on the corner of the screen which can be a little disorientating and for me effected my accuracy in a negative way.

Survival and item management is key in this game unlike RE4 though, you really don't get a lot of anything which is what this game excels at. You never feel too powerful or even too confident because you're usually under supplied which adds to the tension of the game. Surviving is a lot harder in this game than RE4 as well since quite a few enemies in this game can either one hit kill you at a quarter health or even at full health. Many of the bosses have a gimmick to them to help you defeat them easier and if you don't do so and just brutal force it than the game punishes you severely because of the lack of supplies. You really do have to think and adapt to make it through and that's a good thing.

The biggest flaw of this game though is it's story. It's confusing, it's dark, and it's unresolved (spoilers), and normally this is ok but this game offers no satisfaction upon completing it's story. You don't feel like the story is over, you don't feel like you accomplished anything, and hell even all the backstory that is revealed in notes have mysteries that aren't resolved. There is just no enjoyment to get out of this story, it's merely there so you have an excuse to do some really weird things and experience some really weird things.

Now since it's October and people play these games to be scared, the next question is if the game is scary or not. I can't really judge that for people honestly, I know some people who would shit their pants over this and I know some people who will be like me and just journey along making jokes and not being bothered at all. I don't know why but this game was never scary, at least to me, I mean sure it was tense but this isn't a Survival Tension game, its survival horror. I feel the reason it's not scary is because this game seems to go more for gross out horror rather than actual horror. Everyone looks ugly and disfigured, the walls are covered in push and pulsating organs, and you fight on a giant brain with eyeballs on the walls. There are moments where it goes back to traditional horror, mood lighting, dark corridors, and ambient noises but the constant shift in locations (I'd love to explain that but this is too fucking long already) really hurts the atmosphere the game is trying to create. It could have been soooo much better in horror but instead they opted for body horror instead.

Oh and side comment, people bitched about how RE5 and 6 have these dumb moments where you fight people with machine guns, or drive jeeps with LMG mounted too them, or had on the rail sections and that the director of RE1 and 4 claimed that was stupid and ruined the franchise. But guess what? Near the end of this game that's what you do. You encounter swat guys with assault rifles, you get two on the rail sections, and you even fight a boss with an unlimited ammo LMG on the back of a military humvee. So what the hell Mikami? Don't state that these things killed one of your previous creations and then put them in the next one yourself. Some of you might think that these are for parody of that but they honestly aren't. This story gets soooo stupid that it just happens.

I wanted this game to be great, I wanted it to live up to the great fun that RE4 was, but it just wasn't. It has its charms as well as its really fun moments, but it's just lacking in so many areas to really make it a great game in my opinion. The story sucks, some of the gameplay choices weren't great, and it wasn't scary just gross.

I'm not going to lie and say its a horrible game though and if you can ignore the stupid story than I'm sure most people are really going to enjoy it a lot and that's not a bad thing. For me though, it could have been better. If I had to give it a dumb score or something I would give it a 7/10 or something. 3.5/5 whatever sounds more impressive to you guys haha.

Oh another side comment, this took me 14 hours to beat on my first run through and apparently I died 70 times (thanks for telling me that game, thats a really nice touch haha). There is stuff to unlock, a few weapons and game modes (just two difficulties, one being a one hit kills you mode) so I will probably play it again (once again, I have like nothing else on my PS4) and I will probably enjoy it still; however, this time I'm skipping all the cutscenes.

TL;DR: I'm a whiny bitch and scrub who got butt hurt over a story but the game is still fun.

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