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Love in a dressing room by Kaboozle
Sera and Tsukiko went out shopping one day, deciding to by some new clothes as well as just spend time together. Of course things never go that smoothly as while trying on new lingerie Tsukiko snuck into the room with Sera. Unable to protest, Sera was kissed passionately by her lover, her body responding as usual with growth. More and more they made out, forgetting their surroundings as they swelled and expanded. Soon enough their bodies were not only mashing together but were also pressing against the walls of the changing room itself. Not like they noticed though as they continued to kiss each other lovingly. After all, the two just have some much love to give each other.

Sera belongs to :iconinflatableastaroth:
Tsukiko is mine
And art is by :iconkaboozle:
A Date in the Woods by Kaboozle
Well on a date, Tsukiko got a little too playful with her lovely dragoness Sera, making her grow and grow and grow until they passed the tree tops. Poking her leaf Tsukiko followed suit and soon the two giantesses were growing in tandem, their love being exposed to the surroundings as not even the waterfall could cool off their passion.

(I forgot to post this from quite some while ago)

Tsukiko is mine
Sera is from :iconinflatableastaroth:
art by :iconkaboozle:
Alicia By Nosmirmcawesome by UnskilledNinja
Alicia By Nosmirmcawesome
Another member of Bria's crew aboard the Journey. Crazy and eccentric, she is the mechanic, doctor, and basically whatever else is needs to be. Due to undisclosed reasons she has two mechanical arms, one holding mechanic supplies, the other housing medical supplies for quick access and use. She reluctantly joined Bria when she was dragged into a battle as she was repairing the ship but now helps her to the best of her abilities.

This fun picture was done by buddy :iconnosmirmcawesome: who came up with her design as well as some interesting designs for her arms so thanks buddy :)
Busted by the Law By Agawar
This amazing picture was done by :iconagawar: and is the second halloween picture for the month. Here we have Rayne dressed as a cop with her fellow busty officer Lessien ( :iconj-t-d: 's oc ) as they interrogate the cat burglar Blair (Degeneratepai's oc). Their methods my be questionable but god damn do they get results. They're a dangerous pair of loose cannon cops who don't play by the rules. So criminals be ware, or else you might find yourself Busted by the Law.

Degenerate's page can be found here:
Thanks again to Agawa for the amazing pic.
Very Merry Unbirthday By Agawar
For Halloween this year Tsukiko and Sera went for a Alice in Wonderland theme. Though Sera doesn't know that Tsukiko got some legitimate growth foods.

Tsukiko: Gonna make my dragoness all big and plump., with huge soft breasts and a juicy rump. ~♪Look at how she starts to burst her top, but we both know she doesn't want me to stop. ~♪Have a very merry unbirthday my sweet Alice...

Art was done by the magnificent :iconagawar:
Tsukiko is my mad tanuki
And Sera is :iconinflatableastaroth: little Alice.


UnskilledNinja's Profile Picture
United States
I'm a very, very lazy writer and to prove that, that's all I'll say.

Current Residence: San Jose
Favourite genre of music: Soundtracks
Favourite style of art: I just like art
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: Iphone
Wallpaper of choice: Stylish
Favourite cartoon character: Ed from Ed, Edd, and Eddy
I'm bored, so here are songs I feel fit my ocs. You can consider them theme songs if you'd like.

Dani: Dani By AgawaR by UnskilledNinja [link] (One she has a great voice and I picture Dani singing like her, two a similar name and ethnicity, and three when she puts her glasses on she looks just like Dani haha. My example: [link] )

Nikki: Chibi Nikki By Terrainakka by UnskilledNinja [link] (More of a in character thing. Few people in the house like wrestling, and Nikki liked AJ before she quit. That and AJ was a nerd like Nikki's mom. And here's an inside joke: [link] )

Selina: Selina Taylor By Anubis by UnskilledNinja  [link]

Sherry: Sherry and Nina by Anubis by UnskilledNinja [link] (I'm dumb... sorry, but have another! [link] )


Mature Content

Wanna Play? By Bakudemon by UnskilledNinja
  [link] (couldn't think of anything honestly)

Hitomi: Hitomi Colored by UnskilledNinja [link] (Get the joke? I'm so silly. No I'm not...)

Serenity: Reading at the park By L3moon Studios by UnskilledNinja [link]

Eris: Eris by NikoH by UnskilledNinja [link]

Suzie: Photo shoot! By Agawar by UnskilledNinja [link]


Mature Content

Tsukiko by AgawaR by UnskilledNinja
 [link] (Yes this is a joke though it does fit her well)

Bria: Bria, The Bounty Hunter by UnskilledNinja [link] (Courtesy of :iconnosmirmcawesome: her character designer haha, he also suggested this one [link] )

If any of you have some suggestions I guess let me know and I might go check them out cause even though I've grown up with a musician (a couple actually) doesn't mean I've heard every song in the world haha.

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