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Tentacle Troubles By Mkonstantinov by UnskilledNinja
Tentacle Troubles By Mkonstantinov
Here's a joint commission between myself and :iconj-t-d: where scientists Rayne, Lessien, and Ivy were attempting to recapture their little tentacle creature only for the happy thing to grab its creators and play with them.

Art by :iconmkonstantinov:
Lessien by :iconj-t-d:
Ivy by :iconminosreturned:
Rayne is mine haha
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
The warm summer sun shined brightly in the sky, its soothing rays coating the fair complextion of the twin tailed girl as she sipped on her cool drink. A light rustling to her side made her look over as she lifted the rim of her sun hat to see her girlfriend going through a box of randon pool items. "What's up babe?" she called out as her blonde lover sighed and brushed her hair back.

"I can't find the inflatable pool toy." She replied which made Stacy giggle lightly as she set her drink down and got up. Swaying her wide hips to tease her lover, she hugged Crystal from behind and looked over her shoulder, a task that required her to stand on her tip toes.

"Hmm, you're right. I guess... you'll have to do." with a grin she poked a button on Crystal's necklace, making the blonde flinch but giggle. "Oh you naughty girl..." she said as she turned her head so she could kiss Stacy on the lips, her hands cupping Stacy's who was rubbing her skin lightly. Slowly the peach skin began to turn blue as little wings formed out of her back and horns grew up top.

"Me? Naughty? Says the demon girl." Stacy stated back with a giggle as she gave Crystal a deep kiss, her hands squeezing the demon girl's chest as Stacy began to blow air into Crystal's mouth, making the demon shiver as Stacy's fingers spread out as the bust she was a holding was beginning to grow against her palms, gaining a little bounce.

Crystal's thighs rubbed together as air hissed thrrough her form, plumping up her thighs which squeaked like rubber as they rubbed together. her bottom jiggled and swayed as it inflated and bumped against Stacy's thighs which just made the girl more tempted to inflate her lover to even larger sizes.

As their passionate kiss continued a sudden gasp escaped Crystal's lips as Stacy's hand had moved down and began to rub against her lover's sensitive area. About to protest, she was silenced as Stacy pressed her lips against her again, blowing harder as the demon girl began to grow faster. Her bikini top strained to contain her swelling mounds as they bounced and grew to the size of her head but kept going. Her bikini bottoms dug into her skin and sank into the bottom cleavage as it began to form a thong, the thighs now rubbing together harder which heated her down below even more.

The kiss ended unexpectedly as Crystal looked around, "W-what? why did you stop?" She asked, then realized why as she had to look down to see Stacy, at least three heads taller than her lover. "Heehee, you're a little too tall for me to reach up." Stacy replied as Crystal blushed and began to bend over, displaying a deep cleavage for her love as she almost kissed Stacy again but soft fingers pressed back against her lips.

"Not that way Love, not yet any way." Grinning wickedly, Stacy lifted something from the pool box that made Crystal's eyes widen as she smiled, seeing the bike pump they use to inflate the pool toys. Knowing exactly what to do, Crystal turned around and swayed her huge soft cheeks in front of Stacy as her demon tail dangled in her face.

Grabbing hold of the tail, Stacy slid her hand down its length until she came across the valve like tip at the end of it. Opening it, a hint of air came out but the opening was soon plugged by the air hose of the bike pump. Moaning in anticipation, Crystal began to softly massage her own bust as the handle of the pump rose and then fell, a rush of air flowing into Crystal, causing her basketball sized butt cheeks to inflate even larger as the demon moaned.

The handle rose and fell more and more, the demoness gasping and panting as her breasts grew in her hands, the bikini cups becoming less and less effective as they squeezed her breasts and were soon only covering her nipples. Her toes clenched as her thighs rubbed harder to pleasure her rising need as a slightly dampness formed in her bikini bottoms as almost nothing was hidden with how spread thin the fabric was.

"Mm... love... give me more..." Crystal begged as she turned to face Stacy but gasped as her steps were lighter, able to make her bounce with each step. The concept appealing to her, she took light bounces until as enough air was placed inside her she was able to float lightly, her small wings flapping lightly. "Stacy! I'm floating!" She called out happily as she floated towards Stacy and gently cupped her head in her larger hands.

At least 9 feet tall, the demoness got closer to Stacy as her lips pressed against her love's who welcome them warmly, kissing Crystal as she pumped more air into her. As Crystal's body stretched and grew, the human began breathing more air into Crystal, increasing the process even further as her lover truly began to inflate.

Her wings grew longer and stronger, flapping with more excitement as her tail also grew. There were loud snaps as her bikini was destroyed by her unstoppable body, leaving her bare for her love who took in the sight of Crystal's medicine ball sized curves and merely blew more and more. 

Getting a little winded, Stacy had to stop but smiled as her lover hugged her close to her 12 foot body, snuggling against her cleavage as her added weight made Crystal return to Earth. When her feet touched the ground Crystal fell back intentionally as there was enough air to make the fall gentle as her body landed on the pools surface, making her moan as the cool water touched her warm flesh.

Giggling, Stacy cuddled her huge lover as they kissed gently, floating calmly on the pool's surface. "See, we dont need a pool toy. As long as we have each other, we'll always have something nice and soft to cuddle and play with. And the best part is..." Kissing Crystal once more, air poured into Crystal which surprise the demon. "No matter how much I do it, you'll only get bigger and bigger." She teased as the two resumed their fun as Crystal's body began to cover more of the pool.
Summer Lovin
I was kind of depressed so decided to write a love story. So here you go! Yay!

Stacy is my character, her girlfriend Crystal is :iconinflatableastaroth:
Serenity and her plushies by Dragonmanx by UnskilledNinja
Serenity and her plushies by Dragonmanx
Woo! It's Serenity's Birthday today! What could be a better present than little plushies of all the people she holds dear to her?

Plushies go as:
Chloe Ivy from :iconchloeivy:
Sam and Milkia from :iconj-t-d:
Vanille and Keki from :iconanubis2pabon288:
Kitten from a Friend
Belvea from :iconrustandbolts:
Nina from :icongreenfeline:
Vivien, Zoey, and Serenity are mine

Adorable art from :icondragonmanx:
Rayne by the-supreme-goddess by UnskilledNinja
Rayne by the-supreme-goddess
Haha, looks like there is more rain for the weather forecast. This one coming from :iconthe-supreme-goddess: who is well known for her adorable characters and style. I think she looks really adorable. You guys should really check out goddess.
A little stretch by Liquidxlead by UnskilledNinja
A little stretch by Liquidxlead
Heehee, it looks like its going to be a really rainy month. Hope you all brought an umbrella.

This lovely piece was done by :iconliquidxlead: and probably gave me the best line about drawing Rayne. "I was going to draw their chest larger but ran out of canvas." To which I say, job well done! Haha. She'd be happy about that accomplishment too haha. Still a great pic, thanks so much!


UnskilledNinja's Profile Picture
United States
I'm a very, very lazy writer and to prove that, that's all I'll say.

Current Residence: San Jose
Favourite genre of music: Soundtracks
Favourite style of art: I just like art
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: Iphone
Wallpaper of choice: Stylish
Favourite cartoon character: Ed from Ed, Edd, and Eddy
Ok so this is a ramble merely because I literally just finished the game and boy am I upset and disappointed with this game's story to the point that I'm not thinking clearly.

First off, I want to get out of the way that the game is alright. It wasn't amazing,  it wasn't great, it wasn't horrible, it wasn't bad, it was just alright.

So I've been waiting for this game since a little bit after it was announced, not because of who was directing it but because well it's a new survival horror IP and I like it when people try something new. Anyway so the game came out and I got it on the PS4 (because I need validation for owning the damn thing). First thing I notice is that the game looks like a PS3 game, now that's not a bad thing but it really isn't a game you need to get on the new gen consoles since nothing looks different from this and the PS3 version. Also for some reason there was a lot of texture loading in the game which I didn't really expect given how it looks but whatever.

Then you get to the gameplay itself and for the most part its fine. It feels like RE4 though with some tweaks and changes. First off you can now fully sprint (yay!) but at level one you can only sprint for 3 seconds (boo!) thankfully you can upgrade it and it's not essential but I would have enjoyed being able to sprint longer. Your melee attacks are also a lot weaker than in RE4 (you have a knife but you only use it for stealth kills for whatever reason) but this can be upgraded too but I never fully upgraded it so I can't tell if it's worth it or not but needless to say until you do punching people is out of the question. The game is still over the shoulder but unlike RE4, this game really zooms in a lot, to the point that only your gun is on the corner of the screen which can be a little disorientating and for me effected my accuracy in a negative way.

Survival and item management is key in this game unlike RE4 though, you really don't get a lot of anything which is what this game excels at. You never feel too powerful or even too confident because you're usually under supplied which adds to the tension of the game. Surviving is a lot harder in this game than RE4 as well since quite a few enemies in this game can either one hit kill you at a quarter health or even at full health. Many of the bosses have a gimmick to them to help you defeat them easier and if you don't do so and just brutal force it than the game punishes you severely because of the lack of supplies. You really do have to think and adapt to make it through and that's a good thing.

The biggest flaw of this game though is it's story. It's confusing, it's dark, and it's unresolved (spoilers), and normally this is ok but this game offers no satisfaction upon completing it's story. You don't feel like the story is over, you don't feel like you accomplished anything, and hell even all the backstory that is revealed in notes have mysteries that aren't resolved. There is just no enjoyment to get out of this story, it's merely there so you have an excuse to do some really weird things and experience some really weird things.

Now since it's October and people play these games to be scared, the next question is if the game is scary or not. I can't really judge that for people honestly, I know some people who would shit their pants over this and I know some people who will be like me and just journey along making jokes and not being bothered at all. I don't know why but this game was never scary, at least to me, I mean sure it was tense but this isn't a Survival Tension game, its survival horror. I feel the reason it's not scary is because this game seems to go more for gross out horror rather than actual horror. Everyone looks ugly and disfigured, the walls are covered in push and pulsating organs, and you fight on a giant brain with eyeballs on the walls. There are moments where it goes back to traditional horror, mood lighting, dark corridors, and ambient noises but the constant shift in locations (I'd love to explain that but this is too fucking long already) really hurts the atmosphere the game is trying to create. It could have been soooo much better in horror but instead they opted for body horror instead.

Oh and side comment, people bitched about how RE5 and 6 have these dumb moments where you fight people with machine guns, or drive jeeps with LMG mounted too them, or had on the rail sections and that the director of RE1 and 4 claimed that was stupid and ruined the franchise. But guess what? Near the end of this game that's what you do. You encounter swat guys with assault rifles, you get two on the rail sections, and you even fight a boss with an unlimited ammo LMG on the back of a military humvee. So what the hell Mikami? Don't state that these things killed one of your previous creations and then put them in the next one yourself. Some of you might think that these are for parody of that but they honestly aren't. This story gets soooo stupid that it just happens.

I wanted this game to be great, I wanted it to live up to the great fun that RE4 was, but it just wasn't. It has its charms as well as its really fun moments, but it's just lacking in so many areas to really make it a great game in my opinion. The story sucks, some of the gameplay choices weren't great, and it wasn't scary just gross.

I'm not going to lie and say its a horrible game though and if you can ignore the stupid story than I'm sure most people are really going to enjoy it a lot and that's not a bad thing. For me though, it could have been better. If I had to give it a dumb score or something I would give it a 7/10 or something. 3.5/5 whatever sounds more impressive to you guys haha.

Oh another side comment, this took me 14 hours to beat on my first run through and apparently I died 70 times (thanks for telling me that game, thats a really nice touch haha). There is stuff to unlock, a few weapons and game modes (just two difficulties, one being a one hit kills you mode) so I will probably play it again (once again, I have like nothing else on my PS4) and I will probably enjoy it still; however, this time I'm skipping all the cutscenes.

TL;DR: I'm a whiny bitch and scrub who got butt hurt over a story but the game is still fun.

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