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Beach Daze by Kaboolze by UnskilledNinja
Beach Daze by Kaboolze
Gentle waves spread across sand as the chirping of seagulls floats overhead. The sun emits gentle rays that warm and relax the body while allowing moderate protection to prevent sun damage to the skin. Along the sand a red body shines as a certain dragoness sunbathes and sleeps peacefully on the beach. Soft footsteps being heard in the distance as the dragon girl's lover walks over and giggles at the sight of the sleeping dragon.

"I leave for 10 minutes to get us drinks and you're already in snooze land. Well, better wake you up." The tanuki girl says with a smirk as she places the drinks down carefully and begins to crawl towards the resting dragon girl. Her hands sink into the sand slightly as she carefully crawls over her body, smiling at the peaceful and beautiful sight of her sleeping girlfriend. Knowing the perfect way to wake the dragon, Tsukiko places a gentle but loving kiss on the dragoness's belly, making the red beauty gasps quietly in her sleep.

Her red tail swayed on the sand to show signs of enjoyment while Tsukiko's own tail swayed high above her ample backside. Seeing the sign of pleasure, Tsukiko continues to kiss the dragon, placing her lips against her soft belly and moving upward as she kisses and massages the soft and warm mounds of the girl's bust. As the kissing reaches her breasts and then her neck, the dragon girl begins to pant and moan as her body starts to change. Slowly her bust starts to raise like dough while her hips and bottom swell and press on the sand even more, her tail joins in as well as it lengthens and thickens.

"Oh Sera, there you go growing again. So much for all that self control you've been learning." The tanuki whispered into Sera's ear in a teasing fashion as she knew that while Sera had been getting better at controlling her growth, she was still vulnerable in her sleep and deep down the dragon loved it when her girlfriend made her bigger. Giggling, Tsukiko continues to kiss and knead her girlfriend's bust, making the dragon start to softly moan in her sleep as she grows more voluptuous by the second, her breasts rising in the sunlight as the fabric of her revealing bikini creaks and strains to contain the growing dragon.

Even as the Dragonness's body starts to overflow in her bikini, even as her assets swell to the size of beach balls, and even as the fabric threatens to tear the tanuki girl will not stop loving her girlfriend and pleasuring her body. Tsukiko moves her hand to her own head and pokes the leaf on her head, allowing her body to morph and change as she lets out a tiny moan herself. Her body begins to balloon out like her girlfriend's, her breasts bouncing as they grow larger and heavier, stretching out her top as her butt also begins to swell underneath her tail, making her bikini bottoms stress and find safety in the canyon of her bottom, making them appear more like a thong as she grew.

As she started to approach Sera's size, Tsukiko's body's growth began to slow down as she gave her lover a kiss on the lips finally. The sensation makes Sera's eyes flutter as she looks around in a sleepy daze, spotting Tsukiko on top of her body, their breasts pressing together and making pleasure swim through both of them, "T-tsukiko? What are you doing?" She asks with a slight yawn but also a moan as she can feel her body growing larger still. "Just showing my lovely dragon how much I love her. So cutie, we have the beach to ourselves. How about we just enjoy ourselves today, no worries, no concerns, no limits..."

She plants a kiss on Sera's lips which the dragon girl happily returns, a faint tearing sound starting to emit from the two of them as their swimsuits were beginning to lose the war to keep them decent and clothed as they merely began growing again, and much faster this time. "I'd Love to..." Sera replied with a smile before resuming the now passionate kissing under the morning sun.


Decided to write a story for this post, no real reason why haha.

Seraphine (dragon girl) is :iconinflatableastaroth: oc and grows larger from varies emotions and sensations. She's also dating my OC Tsukiko (tanuki girl), who grows larger and can pretty much change anything about herself with a simple poke of the leaf on her head. Here's a little peek of the two's lives together and some of the more playful mishaps they get into together. Hope ya'll like it.

Art is by :iconkaboozle:
A day at the mall by Nennanennanenna by UnskilledNinja
A day at the mall by Nennanennanenna
Here is a lovely little picture of Serenity and Milkia at the mall together. Normally Sam is in control of her body most of the time, but on occassion she will agree to allow Milkia control for a day or so, though usually for something in return. Still, Serenity makes the most of her time with both of the girls and they both do the same.

This picture was drawn by nennanennanenna
Milkia belongs to :iconj-t-d:
Serenity is mine haha.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
The songs of birds could faintly be heard resonating from beyond the window of the room as a maid stood and observed as another girl got dressed. A gentle blush sat on the maid’s cheek as she looked over the other girl’s figure, a pale complexion yet ample thighs and a curvy backside along with beautiful breasts which sat enormous in size. A gentle hand rose and cupped the maid’s own smaller bust for a moment as a strike of envy hit her, but it quickly vanished as the girl turned back to look at her with her blue colored eyes.

“So Éclair, how do you think I look?” The girl asked, her purple hair with red and blue highlights swaying with the motion. The maid hesitated for a second as she looked at the maid outfit resting on the girl, looking perfect in all areas except one. Her chest was straining the top to capacity, those gigantic mounds of pleasure which appeared larger than anything else she could imagine, each bigger than a beach ball.

Retrieving her voice, Éclair replied, “Y-y-you look good Mistress Keki, v-very lovely…” Keki smiled widely and jumped in the air in joy, her landing causing noises of strain from her clothing as giggled, “Yay! I’m so happy! Oh I hope Serenity likes it. Do you think she will?” The maid blushed harder at the mention of her girlfriend, well to be exact the girlfriend of both girls. “I-I’m certain she will mistress…”

She wasn’t sure what to tell the girl honestly, on one hand she was rather cute and also alluring but at the same time it pained the maid slightly in seeing her looking like that, making the maid wonder if Serenity would remain interested in her over time with such a prettier woman around. Still, she did promise to teach Keki how to be a maid for a day and would keep to her word.

“Great! So should we start with the training then?” Keki asked the maid as she walked over with a slight bounce in her step, the maid unable to look away from the bust but eventually finding the time to nod her head, “I-indeed, right this way Mistress Keki. A-also if this gets too d-difficult just let me know ok?” Keki nodded her head and gave her thumbs up before following her to their first lesson.  


“O-one of the biggest responsibilities as a maid is making sure the house stays clean. It’s o-one of the reasons we’re hired after all. But cleaning isn’t a-as simple as merely wiping the counters or vacuuming, you really have to put love and attention to all aspects of the house or else w-what you do will merely be s-subpar. L-let me demonstrate.”

Taking a brush into her hands, Éclair rolled up her sleeves and got down onto her knees, leaning forward as she began to scrub the floor, working out a stain she had left their for practice.  Small grunts came from the tiny maid as she put effort into each scrub to work out the tough stain, her body swaying back and forth as her small bust swung slightly with each movement. After a couple minutes though half of the stain had been removed and revealed the clean floor underneath.

“O-ok, your turn Mistress Keki…” Éclair stated with Keki only giving a nod and giggle as she took the brush from Éclair and proceeded to get on her knees. However as she leaned forward the maid blushed as unlike Éclair, Keki’s breasts completely pressed into the ground and even squished to the sides as she leaned forward a bit, making the bust clearly visible from behind.

Following Éclair’s lead, Keki began to press into the stain as she scrubbed, each movement forward causing her to sink into her own cleavage and press into the breasts. Her large butt rose into the air each time as little grunts escaped her lips with every motion into the action. Éclair gulped as she took in the sight, wondering if this was what Serenity saw whenever she took Keki from behind. Then she wondered what she must look like herself when the moment occurs, causing her to blush even harder as she suddenly called out, “U-u-uh, that’s enough.“

“Huh? But I’m not done.” Keki replied, looking back at the maid in confusion, “I-it’s ok, we have a pretty big schedule s-so let’s just move on.” Éclair answered back, the girl looking confused still but stood up none the less. “G-glass and windows also need special a-attention, since if you mess up on cleaning them the results are far more obvious. B-but merely wiping them won’t do since it’ll leave streaks, so you have to do it like this.”

Taking a cloth and some cleaning solution, Éclair began to wipe the windows in a sweeping motion, but also making sure to take care in going back for any streaks that might have been created, going in a pattern that would leave the window spotless.  As she worked her way up the window she slowly encountered a problem as she rose to her tip toes but couldn’t quite reach the top of the window. Trying to do little hops, it was apparent that the task wasn’t going to do. Looking back at Keki with embarrassment, she blushed hard and avoided eye contact, “W-well you get the gist of it…”  

Keki only gave a little giggle and took the cloth from Éclair, “Don’t worry I’ll get it for you.” Walking over to the glass, she also had to stand on her tip toes as she tried to reach the top. While she was taller than Éclair, Keki still needed to stretch a bit to reach the top, the results meaning her breasts pressed into the window bottom. Creaking could be heard as the glass tried to support the heavy breasts as they completely enveloped the bottom of the window and even spread out to cover some of the wall around it. Looking in from the outside would have been quite the sight as two massive mounds would be seen jiggling with a young woman’s head and arm poking out from the top of it as Keki slowly got the job done.

“There! All done!” Keki said with a cheer as she turned back towards Éclair whose eyes widened slightly. “U-uh… Mistress… we should… “ She pointed at Keki’s top making the girl look down as the front of her top had become soaked by the cleaning solution at the bottom of the window. “…change your top…” Éclair finished as Keki giggled and nodded.


“Next to cleaning, a maid m-must be able to provide food to their masters and mistresses, so a good k-knowledge of cooking is a must.” Éclair explained as the two stood in the rather expansive kitchen. “Heehee, don’t worry I have that covered.” Keki joked as she grabbed her own breasts and jiggled them slightly, the heavy sloshing of milk being quite clear as she must have not milked herself earlier that day.

“B-b-being that as it may, it’s still important to know how to actually cook.” Éclair replied back as she blushed from the noise produced by Keki. “Heehee, I know I know. I’m just playing around. So what are we going to cook?” Keki asked which made Éclair smile lightly, “W-w-well we’ll be making Serenity’s favorite dish, Roasted Salmon with some steamed white rice and steamed vegetables.” Keki licked her lips at the sound of that meal and even rubbed her belly gently. “Sounds delicious.”

“I-it is. Now to start with we have to properly season the salmon while also preparing the pot to cook the rice as well as prepare the vegetables. Cooking is all about preparation, that’s why sometimes when you look up recipes online you’ll see the prep time is much longer than the actual cooking time. So let’s get to work.” Nodding her head, Keki joins Éclair as they properly prepared all the food, seasoning the salmon with some hint of lemon and pepper before measuring the proper amount of rice and water to add to a pot.

The work was done with relative ease as the main challenge for Éclair was avoiding bumping into and getting lost between Keki’s bust but besides some minor head on collisions the two were looking at a rather accomplished task as the food cooked on the stove. Éclair smiled at their accomplishment and looked over at Keki, “Great job Keki, I’m certain Serenity will love the meal.” Keki giggled and cheered, “Yay! Well it’s because I had a great teacher. Hugs!”

She shouted as she walked over to Éclair, not accommodating for her bust though as it smacked into the handle of the pan cooking the Salmon. Instantly the pan began to spin across the stove top due to the force of Keki’s incredible bust. “Oh no!” Éclair called out as Keki quickly backed up as the maid tried to catch the pan as it bounced around before flying off the shove. Somehow avoiding burns, Éclair reached out and quickly grabbed the handle of the pan, saving the salmon as it sizzled on its surface. Standing upright, Éclair let out a sigh of relief. “T-that was close…”

“Hi!” a voice cried out loudly, making the timid maid shriek in surprise and jump, releasing the pan as it flew and crashed through the window next to the stove. “Oh… is now a bad time nya?” a busty catgirl called out as she looked at the broken window. “H-haha… kind of Vanille…” Keki replied with a nervous laugh as the catgirl’s ears twitched a bit. “Alrighty, I’ll come back later then nya.” She replied with a smile before walking off with a hum in her voice.

“T-the salmon..” Éclair said quietly as she looked out the window, Keki merely getting some more from the fridge to start again.


“Now we get to what I think is probably the most important part of being a maid, a-and that’s making your master happy.” Éclair said as she very gently pet the head of her girlfriend Serenity who was resting her head on the maid’s lap. The catgirl resting her head on her lap stirred slightly in her sleep, her ears twitching slightly as her tail swayed gently.

“Now this I already have a lot of experience with.” Keki stated with a smile as she softly lifted up Serenity’s legs and placed them on her lap as well. Her hands slid along Serenity’s thighs and massaged them tenderly, the catgirl letting out a tiny moan. Éclair blushed at this but wasn’t going to be out down as she caressed Serenity’s cheek and even pet the cat girl’s ears lightly.

Serenity began to blush in her sleep as a quiet purring began to exit her body as her ears were played with, making her coil up into a ball slightly as she rubbed her cheek against Éclair’s lap. “N-nya…” The catgirl meowed as her hands pawed at Éclair’s in her sleep, making the maid giggle. She looked up at Keki and gave her a warm smile and giggle, “You did well today Keki, I’m sure when you take your day as a maid you’ll do wonderfully.”

The girl returned the smile before looking down at the catgirl, “Well it’s all because of you Éclair. Thank you for actually doing this. I mean you didn’t have to, any of the other maids would have easily and happily taken the job but I wanted it to be you.” The maid blushed at this confession and looked at Keki, “W-why is that Mistress?” Keki only smiled warmly as she pet the sleeping catgirl.

“Because you love Serenity just as much as I do. So I wanted to learn from the person who loves her just as much as I do, so that everything I do would be perfect for Serenity. I know Serenity’s usually really shy about her feelings, but I know she loves all of us with all her heart. I mean yeah she has the other girls too, but I can tell that each of us has a special place in her heart and because of that I want to make sure I can return all that love to the best of my ability.”

As she finished she reached her hand out towards the maid who gulped lightly and blushed but reached out and took the hand into her own.  “T-thank you then, M-mistress, for thinking of me and including me.” This statement only made Keki giggle again as she pulled Éclair towards her and hugged her deeply, covering the girl between her breasts. “There’s no need to thank me Éclair, we’re all in this together. We have to make sure to take care of our little Serenity after all.” She laughed lightly and rubbed her cheek against the maid who blushed back but was also smiling, happy to be a part of so much love.
Home Maid Love
Here is an art trade I did with my friend :iconanubis2pabon288: with his characters Eclair and Keki with my oc cameoing at the end. Hope you guys like it as much as he did.
Happy 1 Million visitors by Anubis2pabon288 by UnskilledNinja
Happy 1 Million visitors by Anubis2pabon288
This is a little gift for :iconmorphy-mcmorpherson: for reaching 1 million pageviews, commissioned by me from :iconanubis2pabon288:

I'm not really sure how in the world Rayne would know that Gen had a milliton visitors to her bar, but I assume she just looked up reports of sudden expansion in the area and did the calculations. But either way, she though she would congratulate her with a nice big Rayne style hug.

Gen is Morphy's
Rayne is mine :)
Art by Anubis
Color by Me
Serenity and Tsukiko by Kaboozle by UnskilledNinja
Serenity and Tsukiko by Kaboozle
Serenity was merely on her way to meet one of her girlfriends when she felt like someone was following her. She quickly turned around but only spotted a rather busty Tanuki whistling to herself. Forgetting about she just kept on her way, but it was at this moment that the Tanuki struck, leaning forward to see what she could steal from the catgirl. Too bad she went too quickly though and the weight of her breasts along with their momentum caused her to lose her balance and fall over. It's tough being a thief....

Art by :iconkaboozle:

Also way for Serenity in her Winter outfit! Buurrr it's cold haha.
Also hope you guys like the new design for Tsukiko. Some will probably think she's too revealing and busty but that's ok haha.


UnskilledNinja's Profile Picture
United States
I'm a very, very lazy writer and to prove that, that's all I'll say.

Current Residence: San Jose
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Ok so this is a ramble merely because I literally just finished the game and boy am I upset and disappointed with this game's story to the point that I'm not thinking clearly.

First off, I want to get out of the way that the game is alright. It wasn't amazing,  it wasn't great, it wasn't horrible, it wasn't bad, it was just alright.

So I've been waiting for this game since a little bit after it was announced, not because of who was directing it but because well it's a new survival horror IP and I like it when people try something new. Anyway so the game came out and I got it on the PS4 (because I need validation for owning the damn thing). First thing I notice is that the game looks like a PS3 game, now that's not a bad thing but it really isn't a game you need to get on the new gen consoles since nothing looks different from this and the PS3 version. Also for some reason there was a lot of texture loading in the game which I didn't really expect given how it looks but whatever.

Then you get to the gameplay itself and for the most part its fine. It feels like RE4 though with some tweaks and changes. First off you can now fully sprint (yay!) but at level one you can only sprint for 3 seconds (boo!) thankfully you can upgrade it and it's not essential but I would have enjoyed being able to sprint longer. Your melee attacks are also a lot weaker than in RE4 (you have a knife but you only use it for stealth kills for whatever reason) but this can be upgraded too but I never fully upgraded it so I can't tell if it's worth it or not but needless to say until you do punching people is out of the question. The game is still over the shoulder but unlike RE4, this game really zooms in a lot, to the point that only your gun is on the corner of the screen which can be a little disorientating and for me effected my accuracy in a negative way.

Survival and item management is key in this game unlike RE4 though, you really don't get a lot of anything which is what this game excels at. You never feel too powerful or even too confident because you're usually under supplied which adds to the tension of the game. Surviving is a lot harder in this game than RE4 as well since quite a few enemies in this game can either one hit kill you at a quarter health or even at full health. Many of the bosses have a gimmick to them to help you defeat them easier and if you don't do so and just brutal force it than the game punishes you severely because of the lack of supplies. You really do have to think and adapt to make it through and that's a good thing.

The biggest flaw of this game though is it's story. It's confusing, it's dark, and it's unresolved (spoilers), and normally this is ok but this game offers no satisfaction upon completing it's story. You don't feel like the story is over, you don't feel like you accomplished anything, and hell even all the backstory that is revealed in notes have mysteries that aren't resolved. There is just no enjoyment to get out of this story, it's merely there so you have an excuse to do some really weird things and experience some really weird things.

Now since it's October and people play these games to be scared, the next question is if the game is scary or not. I can't really judge that for people honestly, I know some people who would shit their pants over this and I know some people who will be like me and just journey along making jokes and not being bothered at all. I don't know why but this game was never scary, at least to me, I mean sure it was tense but this isn't a Survival Tension game, its survival horror. I feel the reason it's not scary is because this game seems to go more for gross out horror rather than actual horror. Everyone looks ugly and disfigured, the walls are covered in push and pulsating organs, and you fight on a giant brain with eyeballs on the walls. There are moments where it goes back to traditional horror, mood lighting, dark corridors, and ambient noises but the constant shift in locations (I'd love to explain that but this is too fucking long already) really hurts the atmosphere the game is trying to create. It could have been soooo much better in horror but instead they opted for body horror instead.

Oh and side comment, people bitched about how RE5 and 6 have these dumb moments where you fight people with machine guns, or drive jeeps with LMG mounted too them, or had on the rail sections and that the director of RE1 and 4 claimed that was stupid and ruined the franchise. But guess what? Near the end of this game that's what you do. You encounter swat guys with assault rifles, you get two on the rail sections, and you even fight a boss with an unlimited ammo LMG on the back of a military humvee. So what the hell Mikami? Don't state that these things killed one of your previous creations and then put them in the next one yourself. Some of you might think that these are for parody of that but they honestly aren't. This story gets soooo stupid that it just happens.

I wanted this game to be great, I wanted it to live up to the great fun that RE4 was, but it just wasn't. It has its charms as well as its really fun moments, but it's just lacking in so many areas to really make it a great game in my opinion. The story sucks, some of the gameplay choices weren't great, and it wasn't scary just gross.

I'm not going to lie and say its a horrible game though and if you can ignore the stupid story than I'm sure most people are really going to enjoy it a lot and that's not a bad thing. For me though, it could have been better. If I had to give it a dumb score or something I would give it a 7/10 or something. 3.5/5 whatever sounds more impressive to you guys haha.

Oh another side comment, this took me 14 hours to beat on my first run through and apparently I died 70 times (thanks for telling me that game, thats a really nice touch haha). There is stuff to unlock, a few weapons and game modes (just two difficulties, one being a one hit kills you mode) so I will probably play it again (once again, I have like nothing else on my PS4) and I will probably enjoy it still; however, this time I'm skipping all the cutscenes.

TL;DR: I'm a whiny bitch and scrub who got butt hurt over a story but the game is still fun.

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